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We offer innovation to the shipbuilding industry through specialist maritime solutions, impacting the market on a global scale.



NAUTIC is also engaged in providing support services to its own fleet of vessels as well as other vessels within the African Continent using relationships, technology and skills to put our vessels at the forefront of modern shipbuilding. Areas of competency would include Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture, Project Management, Fabricating & Welding, Logistical Support and Maritime Training.

NAUTIC prides itself in its unified friendly team consisting of naval architects, mechanical engineers and industrial designers who work hard to ensure we maintain our entirely client focused approach to all engagements and we believe that our holistic solutions based services continue to carry our brand with great success in the African continent.




Founded by James Fisher in 2008 Nautic started in a shipyard in Simon’s Town. Nautic has grown from a core team of five people to over 300 people in 3 Cape Town harbour facilities. NAUTIC launched as a dynamic, proudly African brand offering innovation to the shipbuilding industry. In 2012 Nautic partnered with the Paramount Group, a global leader in the defence industry allowing for global outreach.

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