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Services and Support serves as an integral part to ensure the longevity of any fleet. We at Nautic Africa are client focused and pride ourselves in providing our clients with an effective and efficient services and support programme to ensure that all our vessels are maintained and operate at premium capacity at all times even after they have left our shipyard. Nautic use relationships, Innovative technology and skills to put our vessels at the forefront of modern shipbuilding.

Veecraft built vessel MV Hezekiah was recently out on routine security patrol duties in the Gulf of Guinea, offshore Nigeria and happened to foul her propellers on an uncharted mooring buoy connected to the ocean floor. The vessel was freed and towed to Onne Port for inspection, and returned to service after inspection and sea trials confirmed the vessel was seaworthy to continue operations, after undergoing a diving inspection of the stern gear. However after returning to active duty the vessel experienced failure of propulsion from the centre engine, and it was suspected that the centre propeller was lost during operations, possibly due to the propeller securing method having been damaged during the propeller fouling incident, and this damage not having been identified during the diving inspection.

Dry-docking the vessel became a necessity in order to assess the condition of the stern gear of the Hezekiah. A dedicated team of Nautic employees from both the MV Hezekiah crew and the Nautic Marine Services Manager from Cape Town attended the dry-docking in order to coordinate the Shipyard works, and to provide the Vessel Charterer with technical support to facilitate the vessel’s speedy return to service. During the dry-docking, a number of product improvement and routine maintenance jobs were also carried out, as part of Nautic’s drive to ensure that it’s vessels perform at the peak of their capabilities during the challenging conditions presented by the offshore operations in Nigeria.

Nautic provides a wide range of services which include contract maintenance, vessel management, training, spares and parts supply, leasing and chartering of vessels, developing and implementing maintenance programmes and maritime advisory services. Nautic Africa’s service and support has an array of skills and years of experience to fully support your fleet and teams alike. The outcome of the services and support offered by Nautic Africa ensures that our present and future clients receive a 24/7 lifecycle support service. We at Nautic Africa “Built for Africa, Supported by Africa, For Africa.”