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Griffon Hoverwork has been at the forefront of the hovercraft market ever since the 1950s when it pioneered the development, manufacture and operation of marine vessels operated by creating a cushion of air between the vessel and the surface below                       


Nautic Africa is honoured to have been appointed a sub-Saharan distributor for Griffon Hoverwork, a company whose mission it is to provide leadership in the design, manufacture and operation of hovercraft.

The Hovercraft range is an exciting addition to our existing product range, as hovercraft are able to operate over almost any surface including shallow water, ice, vegetation, mud, logs, debris, rapids and flood plains and are used in a variety of security and military operations around the world.

Furthermore, Griffon Hoverwork’s commitment to design, produce and deliver, on time, the highest quality product to its customer base is one which is shared by Nautic, making this new partnership a formidable one in the African maritime market.