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In the present maritime environment, and with the ratifying of various maritime conventions and regulations, training is essential to ensure that industry has personnel that is suitably and adequately trained to meet all the safety and regulatory requirements.

Nautic Africa provides a variety of specialised maritime courses. This past month, Nautic Marine Service Manager Fabio Torrente & Service Training Officer Neil de Villiers undertook two days of product familiarisation training, as well as handover and acceptance testing of the four new 9.5m Guardian Fast Patrol Boats to the Nigerian Special Boat Service in a Navy Base on Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

The first four vessels delivered are ideally suited to military training of Special Forces, shore to shore operations, rescue and patrol operations, and are part of a consignment of a total of 14 boats to be supplied. The subsequent 10 vessels which are being delivered progressively, are all 8.5m Ballistically Protected Guardian Fast Patrol boats which are ideally suited to either ship to shore, or shore to shore fast patrol and security intervention duties, for both the Nigerian Navy, and the Navy’s Special Boat Services, thereby substantially increasing the capacity and the capability of the Nigerian’s security services in combatting the ever increasing acts of piracy and intimidation in the Gulf of Guinea, and in the Niger Delta.

18 Nigerian Navy SBS, Maintenance and Technical Personnel attended the very successful familiarisation training and vessel acceptance testing event. Nautic offer training and facilitation in the following fields: Diving, Crane Operations, Skipper Training, Welding, Vessel Handling, Vessel familiarisation, Remote Operated vehicles, safety Procedures and On-board Maintenance, and certified STCW Courses