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Through precision and specialist architecture, our customised vessels are of the highest quality to ensure superior client satisfaction.

Shipbuilding has progressed from wooden vessels in the early 1800’s, to more advanced, durable materials and build methodologies as we now employ today. Nautic, has through many years of combined experience, both internally and utilising external shipbuilding specialists, developed the technology and know-how, to build world class vessels specifically tailored to meet our client's requirements. One such specialisation is Aluminium shipbuilding.


Nautic focuses on building accurate hull shapes swiftly while ensuring that the quality of welding remains high throughout the structure. To achieve this objective, the hull bottom plates are laid into a jig that mirrors the hull shape. This process ensures that the shape of the hull is perfectly crafted from the onset, it also allows our welders to join the hull plates without the hindrance of the internal structure which results in exceptional weld quality on these critical joints which govern the hulls water tight integrity. The internal structure is divided up into modules and built on levelled tables, these blocks are then fitted on to the hull plates for the fitment to be seamless we follow tight internal quality controls. This construction methodology is also used on side shells and deck components, this modular construction methodology has empowered the team take ownership of discrete sections of work and reduce construction time.



The outfitting of the vessel is a collaboration of a number of disciplines ranging from, insulation to electrical. We focus on maintaining the workflow through each area of a vessel, carefully coordinating when each discipline has unhindered access to an area for the required time. That the job has been prepared prior to commencement and all materials, drawings and quality sheets has been pre-arranged.



Commissioning of the systems takes place in the shipyard as far as practically possible. The remaining commissioning takes place on the quayside and during sea trials. Nautic has a team of specialists ranging from ex-classification surveyors, Marine Engineers and experienced crew who overlook this extremely important phase of ensuring that our vessel complies to the highest standards.

In line with Nautic’s Quality Assurance policy (ISO 9001:2008), all artisans are trained extensively on various aspects of shipbuilding. One of the more stringent aspects of aluminium shipbuilding is welding.

All our existing artisans are continuously assessed, trained and qualified to keep to the desired and continuous high standards as developed over the years.
New artisans, even though they are qualified, go through a two week training programme whereby they are taught the finer art of aluminium welding and how to fully utilise Nautic’s state of the art welding equipment.

The artisans have to master all the various procedures which complies to international standards such as ASME before being allowed to weld on any vessel.
They are thus issued, not only with an external certificate of compliance, but also a “Nautic Passport” giving them access to an elite group of highly dedicated coded professionals.

Nautic is one of the few Shipyards in the world who can weld aluminium vessels with a 100% x-ray pass rate and to classification, in our case Bureau Veritas, satisfaction.
The culture of excellence is what makes Nautic one of the preferred Shipbuilding yards in the world/Africa.

Uncompromising build quality and innovative design lead to the highest quality vessel construction.

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