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Through precision and specialist architecture, our customised vessels are of the highest quality to ensure superior client satisfaction.

The highly-skilled In-house design team at Nautic Africa are able to quickly and effectively tailor existing designs to suit specific client requirements and to develop application appropriate designs. If one of the existing designs cannot fulfil all of a client’s needs, then the team will develop a new custom design to exactly match particular requirements or solve a specific problem.


With this flexible approach to custom design, the experienced engineering team can quickly create custom designs in a fast and efficient process we utilise the most advanced software available in the market in developing our customised vessels for our clients that gives the customer exactly what he needs in a cost-effective and perfectly fit-for-purpose package.



The various levels of custom design therefore include:

  • Custom equipment and deck layouts
  • Custom systems and interior arrangements
  • Different propulsion packages
  • Complete custom design of fit-for-purpose vessel solutions

Contact the Nautic Africa Innovation team for a design solution that precisely and cost-effectively matches your vessel requirements.

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