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Through precision and specialist architecture, our customised vessels are of the highest quality to ensure superior client satisfaction.

Ongoing investment in R&D and the ability to quickly and effectively implement new technologies have been central to Nautic Africa’s rapid and sustained growth over the last five years.


Although continual R&D is a fundamental part of all the business units within the company, it is centrally managed and guided by the Innovation team. This ensures continuity of learning, and effective sharing of information across the business.

While much of the R&D is carried out in-house, Nautic Africa has also teamed up with Academic institutions and industry experts in order to both leverage off the wealth of exiting experience and expertise and to ensure that the investment in R&D is not wasted on rediscovering things that are already understood, but is rather clearly focused on genuine improvement within the business.



Specific areas of R&D include:

  • Hull design for improved:
    • Efficiency & economy
    • Sea-keeping and habitability
    • Strength, safety and longevity
    • Environmental sustainability
  • Minimising noise and vibration in high speed vessels
  • Design for production
  • Custom design in manufacturing
  • Minimising the risk of fatigue in aluminium structures
  • Reducing distortion in aluminium fabrication
  • Materials handling techniques
  • Information management

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