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Through precision and specialist architecture, our customised vessels are of the highest quality to ensure superior client satisfaction.

At Nautic Africa, a culture of innovation and continual improvement flows throughout the shipyard, and is evident in every aspect of the high-quality vessels that the shipyard produces.


Because shipbuilding is mostly a low-volume, high variability manufacturing activity with high development and product costs, shipbuilders are often not willing adopters of emerging technologies, but at Nautic Africa there is broad recognition of the benefits for both the shipyard and its clients of leveraging off the experience gained in other high-tech industries, and implementing value-adding technologies wherever appropriate.



The key drivers of innovation at Nautic Africa are the need for:

  • Increased efficiency in marine transportation
  • Reduced fuel consumption and emissions
  • Increased safety and reduced environmental risk
  • Increased speed and reduced transit times
  • Improved habitability at greater speed in increasingly extreme conditions
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs and downtime
  • Faster in-port turnaround times
  • Lower manufacturing costs and improved recyclability
  • Green ship technologies

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